Rules and Regulations

  1. Attendance: 75% attendance in Theory and 80% in Practical / Clinic is must. If any student fails to attend these many lectures then his / her examination form will be detained by the authority.
  2. Discipline: The students are advised to behave properly with their classmates, teachers, patients and outsiders. Any abnormal behaviour either in the college premises or outside the premises will be dealt with strict disciplinary action. The students should wear Uniform and Aprons during college hours and while attending the clinics / practical. The students are advised not to use mobile phones in class rooms / clinics / OPDs / Library.
  3. The parents are advised to visit the college and meet Head of the departments to know about the performance of their Ward. If called by the college authorities then they should visit the Principal / HOD for better development of their ward. 
  4. A student who has taken admission by providing wrong / incomplete information will be expelled from the college at any time during the course.
  5. The applicant who is migrating from other university / state will have to complete the procedure of getting eligibility from the concerned university / board where he / she has completed previous education.
  6. The fee structure of courses is decided by Shikshan Shulka Samiti every year. The student have to pay the fees as decided by this samiti every year.
  7. Private tours / picnics arranged by the students on their own are not allowed. If such picnics are arranged then college authorities will not be responsible for any mishap that will occur during such picnics. However educational tours arranged by the college authorities as part of curriculum will be mandatory.
  8. Ragging in any form i.e. mental, emotional and physical is forbidden by law. If any such case is found then strict legal action will be taken against such student/s.
  9. The students are advised to see the notice board frequently regarding various notices, circulars of the college, university and other government authorities
  10. Holidays and vacations will be given as per the rules of University or governing body of the course.
  11. The students should participate whole heartedly in programs, functions arranged by the college.
  12. Hostel facility is currently available only for girl students. 
  13. The college authority / management reserve the rights to add, alter, modify or change any rules & regulations as per the need and these changes will be informed to the students from time to time.